A small admission of $6 per adult & $3 per child is charged to go through the museum—the monies support the family’s costs and ambitions to add to the museum and the site.

Bring an artifact along—that you may want identified.













The Museummuseum

10,000 years of human history....

The history of the Henschel homestead begins in 1849 with Johann & Christianna Henschel.  The Henschels co-existed with the Indian until 1870 when they were relocated.  Upon relocation, “Old Solomon” a Potawatomi Indian gifted the Henschels a dugout canoe which is presently on display at the Sheboygan Museum.

The property was no doubt a sacred and ceremonial site.  Mounds and fortifications were recorded in early Wisconsin archeological books.  One day while out plowing, Herman’s (Johann’s son) horses dropped through a mound...and what he found was….(come to the museum and get the rest of the story!) As of 2008, Henschels are in the process of rebuilding this mound.


In 1996, through an excavation by the University of Marquette, Henschel’s is the official location of “Wisconsin’s OLDEST red ochre burial site”. (600 to 800 BC)

When you drive over the hill and see the Sheboygan Marsh (once a glacial lake) below...you will see why you will soon be stepping foot onto sacred ground…


“The View Alone—is Worth the Trip”

The museum houses stone tools, projectile points, pottery, copper implements, bone tools and much more.  You’ll be shown how the Native Americans threw their weapons—utilizing a tool called an ATLATL.